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France Passion


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Hi folks,

2016 France Passion Guide book arrived today.


we can now plan more accurately for our trip south in May.


only downside is that the old snooper device is not up to date with 2016 lists, so have to go through the laborious task of creating suitable entries into the favourites list.


I just wish we had purchased a Garmin compatible device, as I know how to add pois into those, but snooper is a different system and has to be done by them.


The snooper suggests the toll free route south from Cherbourg runs via Rennes and Nantes, and then across to Limoges, Brive then across to Rodez and down A75 to Montpelier.


Is this a reasonable one, it seems a bit too far west to start. Any other suggestions, not necessarily motorways. I have 5 days planned for journey, so stopovers at approx 150 mile intervals using aires and FP will be used where possible. Got the guide books now.


Any one else doing similar journey mid may?



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Billggski - 2016-03-01 9:20 PM

Who is the more intelligent?

You or a sat-nav?

Ignore it and plan a route that suits you, and be prepared to change it if the weather improves.


Without doubt the sat nav is more reliably intelligent, but it lacks any form of those other route planning essentials - common sense and user preferences.


On a long haul, whilst we might have a basic route strategy based on about 300 miles a day, each day ahead is planned depending on where we stop the night as some days we might cover 400 miles and others just 100 - depending on many variables not least of which is what takes our fancy along the way.

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As we usually travel from Cherbourg, we have taken all the routes , as indicated by Dereks map. Though not as far as Monpelier, as we cut across to Somport Tunnel to Spain. Also as we have friends in France and often visit them on route, our plans change as we go!!

Best to plan where you are stopping, first We use camp sites , not aires of FP , so don't really know where they are. All good routes . Just head south and go.


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