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Burster Roof Vent Cover


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I would be really grateful for some advice after a fruitless hour of googling.


I need to replace the roof vent covers on my Burster A647. These are simple non opening vents with square(ish) plastic covers.


The covers have gone brittle and the clips have broken.


I just can't seem to find them anywhere - I can't even find reference to them, let alone someone prepared to sell me one!


Is anyone able to advise where I might be able to find these? I may be using the wrong terminology in my searching.


I will try to add a photo to this post ...




Thank you

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Perhaps you could try http://www.southdownsmotorcaravans.com/spares/burstner-spare-parts.html they do spare parts for Burstner.


I guess it's what they call the mushroom type that just clips on.


You may find them readily available at any Caravan store. When they get brittle they are liable to fly off. It's been reported that some people have screwed them down from underneath to prevent them flying off.

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