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Leisure BAttery replacement

Keith T

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I need to replace my leisure battery in the motorhome, which currently is rated 110Amp


I am wondering if it is OK to upgrade to 120Amp which physically seems the same size.


Does anyone have any specific recommendations as to brand.

It seems that Lucas and Numax both offer something similar and much of the same price, , but I would be glad of either any specific recommendations, or indeed what to avoid!

I would rather pay a bit more to get something reliable than be penny pinching, as the van is in storage quite a lot of time, and I bring it round to the property say every three to four weeks when not actually using it so that I can give the batteries a boost.!



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Hi, I have been pursuing this very subject over the winter in preparation for replacing my battery with two 90amp ones. I received lots of good advice on the thread Battary Size/type (sorry, not sure how to post a link but it isn't far down the list of threads) and have decided to take the advice of aandncaravans to use Varta Professional Dual Purpose batteries. They do them in other sizes too but the important thing is the patented technology they use which makes them maintenance free and also give more discharge cycles too. They are significantly different to traditional batteries (although price wise fairly comparable) and you can read about the Varta batteries on the aandncaravans website - it is completely independent as they don't sell batteries but do have extensive knowledge of battery technology and chargers.



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