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Payload etc

Bob Hart

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Brand new to Motorhomes and to this forum as well. Have had a read through of many threads and there looks to be some great advice from experienced Motorhomes.

So thought I'd ask some questions which may seem pretty simple to some of you, but would help me.

Don't want to go spending to much on a motorhome initially but need one that will work for us. Intending to retire aged 60 in a couple of years time and would like to do some Europe touring, so next couple of years too learn.

So looking at used units with a downstairs bedroom and no longer than 6.3m in total length due to driveway length issues . Ideally where the front seats turn around as well and form part of another seating area. Ideally low profile as well as I guess easier to drive with less drag.

Have seen a CI Carrocia 15 P which meets most of this criteria and a Dethleff advantage T60 which fully does. The Dethleff is £10k more though and only 2 years newer.

Any thoughts on these two?

I've noticed some comments regarding payload and wondered if either of these have issues? I'm not totally sure on the payload issue but noticed it was commentedon a few threads.

Any thoughts appreciated, thank you, Bob

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Almost twenty years ago we were at the same stage in life. Trips were likely to be no longer than a month long.

Did a lot of reading and lots of advice from Mike and Jane Jago to arrive at a very basic spec. The smallest vehicle we thought we could live in for a month without leading to a divorce.


We found a Autosleepers Clubman at the right price and kept it for 8 years and only went larger because granddaughter wanted to come as well. Now ten years later we enjoy the just 6m long van we bought then.


Don't trust payload figures. at best they are only a rough guide. Only agree to buy after a visit to a weighbridge. Allow around 200kg for full tanks of fuel and water about 100kg for general kit and then the combined weight of passengers

If you are below average height and weight choice is overwhelming.


You can run light for water to gain a bit there but think worse case.


All vehicles are a compromise and the same for houses. Put the two together and perfection flies out of the window. Some people endlessly search for something that is exactly right. Suggest adapting to the vehicle is far less stressful.

If you have to worry about the last 3 mpg you cant afford it.


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Thanks for replying George, appreciate that.


Neither MH I'm looking at mentions 'weight' I guess I can look that up anyway. So how is payload affected by this? Is it the gross amount of weight and if 3.5 Tonne the limit?


Please excuse my ignorance, I must read up some more I guess.

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