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Over winter in Southern Spain and Storage


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Hi everyone.


We are looking to spend this coming winter in southern Spain near marbella. From December to April.


Does anyone know of any good sites, open all year, and have storage available?


Also any ideas on how much it would cost.


Any ideas would be great.



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Do not know of any near Marbella but around Cartagena there are some and up the east coast. There are also many good sites open all year but you need to book well in advance as they are usually full from October through to April. Like you many retirees want to spend the winter in the sun. This is one of the reaons why we go in summer, as the sites are usually much quieter, but of course much hotter as well. Once the middle of September comes and we see the 'geriatrics' pouring in we start packing as their scene is not ours. Many book the same pitch year after year and even have separate storage on site for outside furntiure and even wardrobes, I kid you not. The site soon looks like the proverbial gypsy camp as many nowadays use a camper to get to Spain and then that and the caravan are all on the same pitch. And I mean large campervans too.


All I can suggest is to look at the ACSI book for sites where you wat to go. Then check the sites own website as to opening times and then e mail the site to see if they can accomodate you. Ask about storage for the van as very often the site has 'arrangements' with other Companies. They will move the van offsite whehn you leave and put it back when you want it again.

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You are welcome. Sorry if I misrepresented your age group, but dare I say the vast majority of winter campers are in the latter stages of life, or is that being unkind again? They enjoy themselves certainly but it is not my scene.........yet. Give me another decade and I will probably be in there as well.


However, do make enquiries as most sites are very helpful, but once you decide then be prepared to book ahead and maybe even pay a deposit as the sites fill rapidly. Of course youcan probably find sites outwith the popular areas with more vacancies, there are certain ones that top the list.


Have fun

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