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12 volt cigar/lighter socket supply

Mr Motorhome

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Hi all


Looking for advice re 12v cigar/lighter socket on the dash board of my ford based Hymer 682 CL.


Basically there isn't any power coming from it. There is another socket in the glove box which is supplying power. I've checked the manual to try and identify the relevant fuse to see if it has blown (would it be the fuse if the other 12v socket is working?) but I can't see any reference to a 12v supply.


There are a number of fuses under the passenger seat (transformer/rectifier) and more under the bonnet. I've added photos of these below and wonder if any one can advise which fuse to check?


Photos to follow if I can work out how to post them





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The fact that your Ford-based Hymer 682CL has an auxiliary power socket beneath a hinge-up lid in the dashboard’s upper surface indicates that it is based on a Transit Mk 7 (2006-2012), but it could be helpful if you could provide the year of manufacture of the motorhome’s Transit base-vehicle.


I’ve downloaded a 2007/2008 Transit Owner’s Handbook. This contains a section on fuses that includes a picture of the “Standard Relay Box” which, on right--hand drive vehicles, is apparently located behind the large hinge-down ‘bin’ in the lower part of the dashboard in front of the passenger cab-seat.


Within the Standard Relay Box Fuse 47 (20A - yellow) is said to protect the cigar-lighter and Fuse 45 (20A - yellow) is said to protect the front auxiliary powerpoint.



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Hi Derek


Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.


My vehicle is indeed a 2007, right hand drive model. I've been looking eBay for an owners / workshop manual. Did you buy the Transit Owners Handbook from an online site or was it a free download?


I'm off now to have a look for this elusive relay box.


Regards, Paul

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AFAIR, there are two boxes behind the glovebox.


I think the one Derek refers to is the first (most accessible) one.


The fuses s/be the numbers Derek highlights.


To access the relay box, Open the drop-down glovebox, then squeeze the two side retaining arms together, which will allow the box to drop completely down.


You should then see the electrical boxes.


Two pictures following should help:


Edited to add:


You should be able to download a manual by selecting the correct options here:


http://www.ford.co.uk/OwnerServices/Owners-Manual (and choose the PDF version, not HTML, for a download)





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Amazing feedback everyone, thank you all so much.


Found the fuse box under the dash on the drivers side and fuse 45 had blown. Borrowed a fuse from 47 just to check the cigar lighter socket would work and it did. Need to order a fuse and some spares whilst I'm at it. Also downloaded the user manual which is going to be a great help. This is our first MH so it's all a bit new to us :)


Thanks again everyone. Really do appreciate you taking the time to offer your help and advice.


Regards, Paul

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If you want ‘paper’ versions of Transit documentation, you may be able to obtain these from a Ford main agent reasonably cheaply.


I bought an LHD Transit-based motorhome from Germany in 2005 and, knowing that all the Ford documentation would be in German, I wanted to obtain English-language booklets well in advance of travelling to Germany to collect the vehicle and drive it home. I begged a copy of the main handbook via Ford’s help-desk and bought a booklet relating to the radio from a local Ford agent for 50p.


Vehicle manufacturers recognise that handbooks go missing and it’s usually possible to get replacements for recent-ish vehicles from them without too much trouble.

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