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Buying my first motorhome this weekend,,but am using it for the first few months to to stay in...my in laws need me and my wife to look after them at the moment,,and not enough room for us all,,to the questions as I've no idea about these motor homes yet. If it's parked up how do I supply power to the vehicle for use all day and night ie heating shower fridge television etc
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easiest answer is to power it by an electric hook up cable, running from your in-laws house. the cable will,have a blue connector on each end, one will plug into the side of the van and the other will need an adaptor as it cant plug straight into (say) a garage mains socket...

however, once plugged in, this should run the heating and hot water and keep,the onboard batteries topped up.....these run the lighting, water pump etc.....


you will need to fill with fresh water for your showers (and have a way of topping up the tank....hose etc) and be able to empty the waste water tank which will fill refularly if using the shower....


if you are cooking in the van youll need a gas cylinder in the locker and know how to change one if it runs out....


water in/out, heating, cooking will cover the basics for permanent survival.....other posts will add to what you need to know and you will have more questions yourself, im sure......good luck...

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Welcome to the mad house. Please indicate what M/H you have and its length, it helps to provide a picture of how to assist you.




What age is the van and do you have any instruction manuals that went with it.


Some local by-laws exist that ban sleeping in vehicles such as yours on driveways. So I suggest not to make it too obvious unless you are well screened.


Where to empty toilet waste is important NOT down common water drains, again not to make these movements too obvious to those living nearby.


If using the on-board toilet there are simple chemicals to add prior to use, read or ask.



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If the parking space is sloping there are ways of levelling the van, rolling downhill in bed can be uncomfortable. Its up to you to pose the questions and you will have many. Most of the owners on here have done exactly what you are facing and are very knowledgeable.
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Hi, we park our motorhome on front drive in full view of neighbours, on hookup cable from electric socket in garage. When parked, the blinds are down and curtains drawn, so nosey neighbours cant see if there are inhabitants, but I suggest you dont make it obvious that you are using the van as temporary residence, or the local authority might start wingeing about rates payable, planning consent, etc. Temporary storeage or driveway parking should be ok, but living in it on the drive could be bad news.


water connection via outside tap and hose, could be feasible, as could access to drains either by lifting a garden manhole, or carrying the cassette into the house and emptying it down the toilet. Waste water tank can be similarly dealt with.


I wonder if there are covenants on the property, relating to 'caravan' which might be invoked if there is an extended stay required. Might be worth checking deeds just in case.


hope it helps, good luck






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If you decide to occupy the motorhome separately to the house, you will need to consider how you fill the motorhome with fresh water [containers or hose], dispose of the waste water and any toilet waste [main sewer]. I have an external electrical point and appropriate unreeled cable plugged into my motorhome.


My local Council's website says I do not need its permission to sleep in my motorhome on the drive provided it is not occupied separately to the house or a single caravan sited for not more than two consecutive nights for a maximum of 28 days in any 12 months.


I looked it up some months ago when my son visited and wanted to sleep in the motorhome. I believe that if the motorhome 'sleeper' uses the facilities of the house such as toilet and shower and takes all main meals in the house then it is considered the motorhome is not occupied separately from the house.


Given the way the website is worded, I think the Council rely on people reporting concerns. We live in a Metropolitan Borough with nosey neighbours. It might be different for rural areas.


I empathise with your predicament because we went through a similar issue. Fortunately, there was a CL within easy walking distance of my mother. The Local Authority installed in my mother's house various aids including panic attack systems should anything happen when we were not about.

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Reading59£ - 2016-04-01 7:24 AM


Buying my first motorhome this weekend...


Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Bruce.


As Will H has advised, it would be very helpful if you said which motorhome you are buying. You need to provide the make, model and year of manufacture (or year of registration if that’s easier) - for example Auto-Trail Comanche 2004.


If you have no experience of caravanning (let alone motorhomes) your learning-curve is bound to be steep. For instance, there’s no certainty that connecting a motorhome to a domestic 230V mains electrical power-supply will necessarily allow air or water to be heated. Many motorhomes do have the capability to heat air/water via 230V mains, but a lot have water and air-heater equipment that relies on gas only (my own motorhome for example). Identifying which motorhome you are getting may minimise guesswork.


Whoever you are buying from (dealership or private individual) make sure that they talk you through how the basic services (electricity, water, heating, toilet, fridge etc.) function and get them to demonstrate to you that everthing actually works.

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