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Recharging electric Bikes


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I have a 300 watt invertor which charges mine, and have tried to charge 2 at once, ( 2 chargers and a mains extension lead with dual outlets) that wont work, invertor just stops, so one at a time is slower but seems ok.

this runs off leisure battery, which is maintained off grid by large solar panel,


our bikes are prorider wayfarer, 36 volt batteries also. When we have hookup available, we ensure bike batteries are always topped up from mains.





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samnkeez - 2016-04-03 6:28 AM


I am looking at purchasing an electric bike with a 36V 400Wh battery.

Will I be able to charge this up with my 300W inverter?


Any thoughts or tips on charging electric bikes


those figures sound like a Bosch battery...of so, .i have the same one and can charge it easily from my 500w MSW inverter.....we have 2 x 90AH batteries and a 120w solar panel.....i also tested charging my wifes Panasonic bike battery and the inverter copes ok with this one too....

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I use a 1000 watt Pure Sine Wave inverter to charge my Bosch batteries, it allows me to charge both batteries at the same time.

The Bosch charger takes about 1.5 amps at mains around 360 watts max, a 300 watt inverter will probably trip out on start up, you really need a 500 watt one, also I would get a pure sine one wouldn't want to risk it with a qusi sine inverter with Bosh batteries at £600 a pop.

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