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I've recently subscribed to MMM & the main reason was ferry discounts, I've just booked our ferry for October and gave my subscription number to DFDS and they've told me that the subscriber discounts only apply to a car and not motor homes. Has anyone else come across this, as it's pointless to subscribe to MMM if this is the case.



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2016 MMM Subscriber Club benefits are listed here




and include DFDS-related information.


This says "Travel with your motorhome with DFDS and receive a 10% Discount on ferry crossings”.


So (in principle at least) you should have been able to obtain a discount.


Suggest you go back to DFDS and challenge what you were told, citing what’s said on the link above and - if that gets you no joy - take the matter up with MMM.


Collette Smith – Head of Subscription Services

01778 391188




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