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Can our Volvo tow a caravan we are looking to get


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We are new to caravanning and I need some help.. We are just starting out and on a budget. We are looking at purchasing a 1995 Sterling/Eccles Emerald SE 4 berth..a separate safety check on chassis electrics, is due to be done on Wed . The Go-caravanning.com a website says the Running Order Weight is 980kg and the max allowable weight is 1300kg...



Our Volvo is a 1.8i Y Reg 2000/01..V40.. 1355kg kerb weight?


Are they compatible towing wise? I think maybe that they are not after all.


If they are not, we will cancel the safety checks and advise that we cant buy after all :'(

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OK, yes, you can tow the caravan with what you have. Although the guidleinbes suggest that 85% of kerbweight is ideal, you can do higher and although you would be close to 100%, it is possoble. You will also load the car so the weight of that will be higher than the figure you have quoted.


However, the downside is that performance is not going to be great, to put it mildly. You will be chugging along and any hill will cause you to struggle, mainly because the engine of the car will not have the torque to really handle the weight. I am guessing the 1.8i is a petrol model which will have a torque figure at high reves, unlike the dieslel where it comes in at lower revs, again better for towing.


It can be done, but.............


I can only state that as an amateur many years ago I decided to tow a 1300 kg caravan with a Ford Capri 1600GT, and yes, it was very interesting. However we did get to Lake Constance in Germany with 2 kids, and back without any problems. Just do not aks how much fuel I used.


If you want to go caravanning then do so, but trade in the car for a diesel. Howeverm if you do not want to do that intially, then stick to local sites just till you are happy this is what you really want. Go on, have some fun.



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