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Which oil to use?


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Just had the MH serviced and they have filled with 5w30 fully synth.oil. As the van is a Peugeot Boxer turbo diesel 1.9ltr engine 1997 [XUD9TE] Is this suitable oil. The hand book was printed before 5w30 was introduced!

The garage has said they will change it if I am worried about it.

Will be travelling to the South of France shortly and it gets hot there. Might a thinner oil cause a problem

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I agree 10 40 is better but see how it goes.

It won't damage the engine, there can be too much thought going into oil but generally for a van of that age 10 40 is what i would recommend.


I do have a same aged van and do use 5 30 myself if it's on offer as I get it for my car but generally would go for 10 40


It won't do any harm but could get past turbo seal and smoke a little but it might do that anyway whatever the oil.


The van will be fine going to france.


Maybe opt for 10 40 next oil change.

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I had the thinner oil added during a service as advised now by fiat in my 2001 2.8JTD ducato and after 4000 miles the clutch stated slipping due to the crankshaft oil seal leaking onto the clutch plate.

cost me over £800 to get it fixed.

If I were you I would get the oil changed to 10-40


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