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Tunnel and no migrants


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I came through the tunnel last week, not a migrant in sight. There is a new fence that is about 3 mtrs high with razor wire and a second fence inside that one. It seems to have worked.


For my next trip I am looking at Newhaven to Dieppe, over 60s get 20% discount so with that discount it makes it competitive, and it means I don't have to use the M25, it took me over an hour to reach the M40, nose to tail the whole way.




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Came back through Calais a couple of weeks ago and didn't see any. Three police vans spaced out over about 1 kilometer. That double fence and the flattening of about a hundred meters of the jungle looks like it's doing the job up to now.


Will be going out again on the 18th May, so will see.


I heared that there were long delays at the Aachen-Belgium border but not on any rural border crossing, so when the time comes will need to check that out.



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