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Weight of Romahome DEMOUNTABLE?


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pepe63 - 2016-06-13 12:26 PM


Failing that, how much of a faff is it to dismount?...would you be able to do it quick enough to enable you to stand it on a weighbridge?...



Or if it's a busy weighbridge like the one I use, weigh complete, move aside to carpark and demount, weigh plain van, the difference is weight of demountable.

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Thanks for replies. Maybe I can find a friend willing to "do" a weighbridge for me. I will do it myself, as and when.


My problem is that I am converting an old Land Rover (1959), and would like to ballast the chassis, so that I can work out where I need to position the floor of the pod, so that there is sufficient clearance above the rear tyres.



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