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Fridge not working on 12V


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HELP! My Chausson 08 has a Thetford auto fridge which has stopped working on the 12V with engine running. There appears to be no power to the connections at the back of the fridge with the engine running. The fuses in the 12V distribution box in the rear are all good. Has anyone any ideas about where to look next? The base vehicle is a Fiat Ducato. Any help or ideas very gratefully received. Many thanks Chris.
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MrWoo - 2016-06-22 11:03 AM


I had the same problem with my Ducato based Bessacar.

There is a fuse box in the engine compartment on the bulkhead above the battery containing 3 fuses, the 20 amp had blown.


If it's an 08 Ducato then the battery will be under the cab floor with the fuses.


If the fuses are OK then it might be a fault in the system that turns the 12 volt on when the engine is started. When the engine is started the D+ terminal on the alternator sends a signal to a relay which then opens the 12 volt circuit to the fridge.


It the fuses are OK suggest you first check the 12 volt at the back of the fridge for loose wires or corroded terminals.

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