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ED 748 FG


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In the post today, the new carte gris for the van. Once again we are legal, probably for the first time since it left the dealer loaded with all those heavy extras in 1997.

Nothing has, in itself, been particularly difficult, and as we have uncovered what is required, the people we have dealt with have been helpful and friendly, and generally willing to put their dodgy english alongside our dodgy french.

It has cost a fair bit,


Partial certificate of conformity from Peugeot. €190

Certificate from DREAL, (same as VOSA) €187

Safety certificate for Gas installation. €387

Registration Fee and Tax €142

New headlights. €197

New reversing and rear fog lights. €36


We did it because the layout of this Pilote Galaxy is the best compromise that we have seen and it suits us well, the van is in reasonably good nick, and the mileage is low, we could not afford to buy anything in France that would suit us.

Tomorrow I will buy the new number plates, we are once again ready to hit the road.

I do have one small problem to resolve with the electrics though. When I removed the aircon unit I also removed it's transformer, simply because I thought it would be tidy. I then found that the habitation battery was not charging from the mains. It seems that when it was fitted the transformer was wired up to charge the battery from the mains, in addition to it's primary function of producing 240 volts from the battery, so now I have to re-install the wretched thing.


:-D Thank you so much to all those who have helped and supported us. :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

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