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lunar champ 670g split relay


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Hi all my Lunar Champ will not charge the leisure batterywhen traveling or traveling with the fridge on , in fact it discharges the battery . Does anyone know wthe location of the split relay or inline fuse as i have looked everywere but the right place
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If the vehicle is equipped with a Calira Power/Controller, the 38/20 or 30/20 have the relays built inside the unit.

However, the issues of this type are normally external to the box in about 90% of cases.


What is the base vehicle and which Calira model is installed?




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Only seen the Calira 17/12 on the Renault chassis, but the 17/12 usually controls every thing itself, as per most continental built vans, there are no external relays to drive the D+ triggered functions.

The Calira takes a direct Alternator trigger feed and switches in the Habitation battery charging and activates the Fridge.


When the engine is not running, but with a good Habitation and Starter battery, you should see 12.7v'ish at Pin 26 on the 12 pol plug. If not the 40A fuse has most likely gone so see below.


When the engine IS running you should see 14v at Pin 18 on the 12 pol plug.

Do not remove the plug to take the readings as the Calira will lose other 'sensing' triggers and not operate regardless.

If there is no 14v at this point, trace back the wiring towards the alternator (German and Dutch vans often use Yellow for the D+ wire but not always) looking for a 2amp fuse.

Note that it should be a Grey 2 amp, but we often find anything in there from a 3A to a 10a.

While you are looking for that also look for a 40A (or thereabouts) bigger fuse as above.


These fuses are often located together right on top of, or next to the Starter battery. They are like 'add-on' fuse holders, not part of the vehicle Fuse set.



If you did find 14v at the Pin 18 and 12v at pin 26 the Calira box is most likely goosed, but generally it's a break in the wiring/fuses.



ALL the above issues of blown fuses or Calira are almost always caused by 'wiring' overload from either a poor battery or too big a battery bank. Any doubts that the battery is young and quality and we suggest you replace it as the next step in the failure process tends to be a lot more expensive.


The 17/12 only supports a single habitation battery.





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