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I predicted all this !


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You may ridicule my comments about life but I've lived longer than most of you and have experienced it all many times over. The older politicians have no interest in 'people' only their status.


Unfortunately most think they are worthy of a vote ... but what for? All they have achieved in the last 70 years is to complicate our lives. They never suffer, they join clubs and protect each other, live in protective accommodation and take all they can.


Anyone who votes either way is sad. They're not helping YOU they're helping themselves and people cannot see it.


People in general are too soft and mindless, high power advertising is one problem. Doting on animals is a good example. How sick is that.


Cameron states 'I believe' ... no he doesn't he's told that's the words to use. People are the biggest problem YES YOU for voting at all.


And the future ... this country is drifting into a poor third world unit where no one will want to come here.


Unfortunately no politician had the guts to stand up and be forceful until recently.


Old Will ...very old Will. xx. For those of you who are 50, do let me know when you reach 90.

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Guest pelmetman

Watched some 20 year old at Glastonbury being interviewed, he was most annoyed.........."My Gran voted out, and she'll be dead soon" *-) ..........


I hope she remembers him in her will, and leaves him some Vote Leave memorabilia >:-).....



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