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Alarm problem


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I've just had an Autowatch 695rlc system fitted. The system rearms itself after 2 minutes unless the vehicle is entered within that time. But this entry must take place through a cab door. The alarm doesn't recognise the habitation door as a door. This door is fitted with a wireless sensor (not off the CAN-BUS ). To prevent rearming I have to open a cab door. It will even rearm with the habitation wide open.

Does anyone know how to prevent this?

On a morning wake up, leave the van by the habitation door and it fully rearms itself, usually with my wife in bed unless I also open and close a cab door.

Supplier says the only way is to prevent totally all auto rearming. I say the system should be programmed to treat the habitation door in the same way as a cab door. £600 worth of annoyance.

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Alarm systems make use of the courtesy light switches to monitor the cab doors. So working from first principles, it should be possible to connect a normally open push button across one of the door switches.

Operation of the push button would fool the alarm system into thinking that a cab door had been opened.


The difficult bit would be finding an acceptable push button, and wiring it in an aesthetically satisfactory manner.


I am assuming that the wireless sensor for the habitation door, is a separate input direct into the alarm system., and cannot be separated out so as to appear to the system at the same input as the cab doors.

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