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Soot around fridge vent


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We're touring in the UK at the moment, and the Dometic fridge is sometimes on hook-up and sometimes on gas......about 50/50 probably. I just noticed sooty stains around the fridge vent (for the first time ever)

I recall turning the thermostat control to max a few weeks ago for some reason, and now I can't remember where it was before (How cool is that! ) See what I did there?

So a) Is the max position causing the soot stain outside? B) What's the optimum position for the thermostat in the UK climate? And finally, C) Can I clean the exhaust vent tube myself?

Thanks in advance....come on Wales btw.

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a) Almost certainly not. It’s much more likely that the sooting is due to the fridge needing servicing and its gas-flue needing cleaning. (When was the last time it was serviced?)


b) It depends on the model of Dometic fridge (and the weather temperature). You may find advice on this in the Dometic manual for your fridge, but a ‘mid-way’ themostat setting should be a good starting point.


c) Yes in principle, but how easy it would be will again depend on the model of Dometic fridge and also exactly how the fridge has been installed in your motorhome. To properly service a Dometic fridge requires access to the top of the flue to allow a metal baffle to be removed and to the burner assembly at the base of the flue. The general principles are described here:




As warned in the Caravan Club article, the manner in which many leisure-vehicle fridges are installed means that such access (particularly access to the top of the flue) is impossible with the fridge remaining in situ.

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