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1991 Talbot Express Autosleeper Talisman MPG


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I have had a couple of these years ago and if you want to press on a bit and keep up with traffic around about 21 - 24 mpg is more like it from my experience of some 50,000 miles in total in Talbot Talisman / Executives.

If you ease up when touring, go gently and keep it around 40 mph or so you may reach or better 25 on levelish terrain but not if you are touring a hilly area with lots of narrow roads, junctions, passing places and continual slow downs and stops and starts!

It's a much quieter motor than the diesels of the era and a much more pleasant environment to be in on a long haul and Auto Sleepers construction and durability of that era are second to none so IF (and it is a BIG IF) it is in good order with a rust free cab and chassis it should serve you well and long.


RUST is the killer of the Talbot Express - buyer beware!

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