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Bessacar warranty delays


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Hi, has anyone else out there suffered delays in getting warranty work 'approved' by Swift/Bessacar or is it just us?


We have a 4 month old Bessacar 484 van on which the outside accommodation door handle has failed. We spent a month waiting on our 'busy' dealer to 'fit us in' and all they did (in a full day) was check and confirm the 'handle had failed'.

We are now a month on from that day and our dealer says they are still awaiting 'approval' from Swift/Bessacar/Dometic' to rectify the problem. In the meantime we have a van in which we cannot access the accommodation space from the outside - when we shut the door we have to clamber through the cab doors to reopen.


Swift customer service has proved to be virtually useless in trying to chase down a decision, they simply refer me back to the dealer.

Is this sort of delay normal for warranty claims with Swift vehicles?

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Nobody from Swift picked up on the swift talk forum but I have just had a really positive call with a lady in their service team using a number posted on their forum. She didn't try to bat me back to the dealer, instead she went away and not only identified warranty status but the approved 'fix plan', delivery dates for parts etc. She provided just what I needed to go back to my 'busy' dealer and get things sorted (dealer initially claimed to be 'unaware of any update/parts delivery from Swift').


With the information provided by Swift I now have a committed date for fix from the dealer, without it I suspect I would have remained on the dealers 'back burner' list.

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