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Taking the motorhome to Russia


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Hi everyone, we are currently in northern Norway and heading over towards Finland. We are thinking of travelling to Russia for a few days but struggling to find any true facts on whether it is possible to

1. enter the country with a motorhome

2. Just turn up at the border crossing and apply for visa


Does anyone have any experience of taking their motorhome to Russia?


Thanks in advnace. Joanne & Craig

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Catherine and Chris from 'The World is Our Lobster' took their Motorhome to Russia, it wasn't the best experience for them as you can read on their blog:










Personally, we opted to leave the van in Helsinki and do a side-trip to St Petersburg which you can visit 'Visa Free' by using the cruise ship loophole as described in our blog:





It's a bit obsecure to find and perhaps now a bit out of date, but by far the most detailed account of taking a motorhome to Russia (66 pages!) was written by Jill and Harry Perry back in 2009. There is a PDF file of their account that can be downloaded here:


http://www.mediafire.com/download/es8by7xjfyhd2pm/Russia+Journal+v3.pdf (big green 'Download 2.05MB button top right).


Hope that's helps :-)




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