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2011 2.2 ducato egr valve help


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hi all


my m/h is a 2.2 2011 and the egr valve has started to squeal


it does still work but has this annoying noise


i have disconnected the plug and it does stop the squeal and the van runs fine


i have also done 2 runs of about 30 miles to see if the warning light comes on but no it stayed off

and was wandering how long it should be before the light comes on


i have been told to just blank it off and hopefully the light will stay out if not i can have it disabled


i t worries me that it is not working right and im in 2 minds as to replace it especially as it seems a bit of a job to get at and 3/4 of the job would be needed to put a blocking plate in the flange to the egr valve

and the egr would only take a little longer


any advice please as to which way to go





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hi thanks for the quick reply


i was worried as to how big a job removing the egr valve but next thing i had the front grill of and the bonnet cross member


bingo there it is easy to get to



next thing i had it in my hands and there is a cover that is easy to remove that covers a couple of gears


i coated them lightly with some molybdenum grease and put it back to gether and back onto the van to test


bingo nice and quiet


so back on properly tomorrow


do you think i should put a blanking plate with a smallish hole while im at it



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