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Hi All,


I'm looking for some advice please.

I'd like to buy a Hymer an older model would you recommend EBay or a dealer. What do you think of the 564 range. New to motorhomes and would appreciate any advice please.

Thanks in advance.

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I assume you are looking for a Hymer up to say 2006. From 2006 they changed the body styling.


You need to decide whether you want a coachbuilt with original cab or an A Class (cab is integrated with the habitation area).


Hymer name their A Class models with a B prefix. The coachbuilt with original cab have a T or C prefix.


The most popular Hymer model of this era was the B544. This had a drop-down bed over the cab and was about 6m long.


It gets more complicated. The B Class is available as B Classic (budget model with Fiat engine), B Class (double floor with Fiat engine) and B Star Line (Mercedes engine).


I had a 2002 B Classic 544 and kept it for 10 years. Only sold it because it didn't have enough payload to carry a scooter.


Suggest you first decide whether you want a B or T/C with luton over the cab. Also, length might be a consideration and also payload. LHD or RHD - B Class Hymers of this era were built around a LHD configuration with drivers door on the UK near side.


At the end of the day, just choose the internal layout which suits you best.


In my opinion, the B544 is a good starting point. If you find you don't like it, they are very popular and easy to sell on the secondhand market.

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From memory, the B Class 564 has a large washroom but limited internal space. It came in two layouts, one being a dinette [4 seats around a table] and the other being an L-shaped lounge. The B Class 544 has always been the best selling Hymer because it provides a decent bathroom and plenty of lounging space.


Have a look at the guide on the motorhome pages of this site to determine the type of layout you prefer.


With Hymers A-Class [what Hymer call Integrated], you get a drop down bed. Space efficient but not for everyone. Some Hymer models have a curve front which is replicated in the drop down bed so the beds are not as large as you may think; there is a weight limit on the bed - 200kg on mine; and if two are using the bed, one has to sleep face up against the curtain and clamber over the other one to get out of bed. My wife has never liked drop down beds, the climb up being one reason.


We had a 2005 Hymer 544 for eight years and it was great. It was reliable, damp free, and robust.


A dealer should give you some piece of mind and redress if something goes wrong. E-bay will give you more for your money, with a higher risk of fraud, and less scope for redress. If you don't know what you are doing, Ebay may be a risk too far. You'll pay more for a Hymer but you get more.


Think through your layout options and let us know what your budget is, any restrictions that you may have such as mobility, parking space, how many will be using the van and for what purpose e.g. pursuit of hobbies, touring the Continent, winter motorhoming/skiing.


I don't know where you are based but there are a few dealers who specialise in second hand and older Hymers e.g. Hambilton Engineering near Preston.



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Thank you all so much for your comments. I really appreciate it. I have learned some useful information and am sure I will be back with a few more questions. Just trying to go through each post and acting on them. Thanks again : )
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