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Autocruise Stardream


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Hi, I guess the your van predates the x250 base, and you are no doubt aware that Autocruise were taken over by Swift,, around 2008. We have a 2009 stargazer, which was built by Swift, from the remains of Autocruise, and it is on a Fiat base. Previous autocruises were built on Peugeot bases.


one of the problems that you should watch out for is the dreaded damp.. ours suffered when damp got in viathe fridge vents and spread along the nearside around the wheel arch. Several attempts to fix it failed to properly locate ingress point, but eventually I traced it myself, and resealed the fridge vent, and dried everything out.


Our previous Starfire, also suffered similarly, and a friend has a Starburst, with very similar problems, successfully repaired .


I recommend getting yourself a proper damp test meter, and thoroughly check yor own van. Repairs can be very costly




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