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Morelo Motorhomes


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As far as I’m aware the only UK Morelo agency is currently Premium Motorhomes at Doncaster.


You haven’t said whether you’d be looking for RHD or LHD, or new or secondhand, but this webpage




suggests that the “Home” model may only be offered in RHD format on a Ducato chassis.


If you were buying secondhand, this might not matter, but if you were considering buying a new RHD 2017 “Home” model (and RHD meant only Ducato) presumably this would have a 2.3litre Euro 6 powerplant. Although the quoted output figures of the most powerful 2.3litre Euro 6 motor are similar to those of the outgoing 3.0litre motor, this is an awfully big motorhome to be dragged along by a 2.3litre engine.

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