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36v,10ah e bike battery chargers


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I believe the “10Ah” refers to your e-bike’s battery capacity. If that is so, then all you really seem to want is a suitable 36V battery charger to charge your 10Ah battery.


What’s the result if you GOOGLE-search on “XXXXX 36V charger”, where XXXX is the make of your e-bike?

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fesspark - 2016-08-02 4:55 PM


thanks derek, tried again ebay, amazon,china,hong kong, long del dates


How about revealing the make and model of your ebike(s)? Also, what information is on the charger itself to identify it?


It’s possible that an exact match for your broken battery-charger may currently be unavailable in the UK and your internet searching has been sufficiently comprehensive to confirm this, but I don’t know how effective an internet searcher you are.


As things stand, asking for forum advice on this without better detail is rather like telephoning a doctor and saying “I’ve got a problem with an appendage - what’s wrong?” and expecting to get an accurate answer.


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You can not just use any battery charger on an e-bike battery it really does need to be a like for like replacement.

The li-on batteries have special circuits built in that give feedback to the charger on the state of charge, charging with the incorrect charger can be dangerous leading to exploding batteries and li-on's can go with quite a big bang.

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A GOOGLE-search on “ebike battery charger 36V 3-pin connector” produces these results




Within the results is this






Intelligent chargers

For 36V Lithium ion batteries, output 42V 2A max.

Various models with different connectors (3-pin XLR, large RCA plug type, laptop co-axial plug type).

With mains lead and UK plug.

Price including VAT: £25 (including p&p)


I’ve no idea if any of those chargers would meet fesspark’s requirements, but it might be worth him contacting the company for advice.

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Thankyou to all who answered my question on batterry chargers I did not find Dereks woosh battery co; on Google but I have had contact from as bikes this morning where the bikes originaly came from and They have my charger in stock and I ordered, somewhat more expensive than the woosh 2v one but at least it is 10ah and the same as my previous 2 that fused in the circuit board.They cost £40.00 ea; inc; del; but at the moment we will manage with one

, as batteries charge pretty quickly. Fesspark,

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