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Help - Anybody recognise this tent??


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Hi everyone


My boyfriend and I recently went camping to the Isla of Wight and spotted a lovely looking tent which we would love to buy as we would like to upgrade.


I have looked at length on the Internet and cannot find it anywhere. I have attached a picture - does anybody recognise the make or type?


Many thanks in advance,




P.s. The couple were very private and looked like they were not interested in having a conversation so I never got the chance to ask!

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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Sarah


The advice in these earlier discussions may help you to add a photo using the forum’s own method






To summarise:


1: Make sure the size of the file containing the photo does not exceed 100 kilobytes.


2: Make sure the file has a .jpg extension (eg. tent.jpg)


3: Tick the “Attach a file after posting” box at the bottom of the ‘Posting’ screen and (when you have completed your message) click the SUBMIT button.


4: When the “Attach a file” box appears, click the “Choose File” button.


5: Select the photo file from wherever you have stored it and click the “Submit” button.


6: Assuming that the photo file has been accepted, click the “Return to the thread box” and you should see the photo below the text of your messeage.


(If the photo file appears to have attached OK but is not visible beneath your message, it’s likely that your file has a .jpeg extension, not a .jpg extension.)

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