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Calling all Hymer Mercedes MLT and MLI owners


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The dashboard computer on my Merc MLT shows total distance in miles, trip distance in miles, and service next due in miles. So far, so good!


However, in the more useful sub menus (After Start and After Reset), distance is given in kilometres, average speed in kilometres per hour, and fuel consumption in litres per 100 kilometres.


Problem is, when I get asked on site what she'll do (a fairly common question, even in these times of cheap diesel) I get strange looks when I reply 10.6 litres every 100 kilometres.


So, my question is, do other Merc Hymer owners get the same problem, or does my van simply have an infuriating optional extra?





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Won’t what you are describing apply to all recent-ish Mercedes Sprinter vehicles and any motorhome based on the Sprinter (eg Lunar Landstar) not just to Mercedes-based Hymers?


And, if you were asked a similar fuel-consumption-related question by a Continental-European motorcaravanner (as I was once regarding my Hobby motorhome) giving them an mpg figure would be meaningless.


I can choose ‘km’ or ‘mi’ units for my Ducato’s trip computer and choosing ‘km’ alters the fuel consumption readout accordingly. I’ve no real interest in the vehicle’s trip computer readings, though I’d very much like to be able to switch the speedometer between mph or km/h.


I THINK the Sprinter has a primary analogue ‘clock face’ speedometer, plus a secondary digital speedometer readout that can be switched between mph or km/h - is that correct, please?

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I cannot recall now if the Sprinter details were switchable or if there was a secondary ring of numbers. I mostly preferred kilometres as the numbers reduced faster.


I have no interest in miles per whatsit. My replies are that I have no idea.



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Our previous (UK supplied) Merc's computer was set all in miles. The digital speedo could be changed to km/h which was handy for travel on the continent. However, on the Hymer, the digital speedo can only be switched between km/h or the outside temperature (switchable between f or C).


For interest, Hymer's Sprinter base vehicles are supplied direct from the Merc factory and not through a country agent/wholesaler/retailer as is normally the case. The PDI is carried out in Germany and the finished motorhome is then delivered to the dealer by transporter (a minimum order of two motorhomes I'm told). The computer is supposed to be set at the factory for the country of delivery (although the actual language can be changed by the user).


As for our continental cousins, I have never been asked about fuel consumption (or the weather come to think about it), but our number plate (reg no) does seem to cause some head scratching. Also, we met several Germans last year who couldn't understand why a Brit would want to buy something made in Germany.


Anyway, the computer thing is not a problem. Just wanted to know if mine is a hybrid. And yes, i've asked MMM's road testers. Can't print their replies though...





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