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Insurance in Spain


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I am assuming you will bring the van home at the end of the season, or do you plan to leave it in storage there? If the latter then most storage companies in Spain give insurance as well, although how good it actually is is anybody's guess. The other thing is are you planning on staying in it the whole season, or will you come home at times? You can insure it while you have it in your possesion but if it is left unoccupied for any length of time the insurance is null and void. There are Companies that will allow it to be left on site for aperiod of time and I think Safeguard has been mentioned in that respect, but I have no direct knowledge. The other thing to ask is how seasonal is the pitch? Soime sites allow the van to stay all year round, for a fee of course, others insisit on it being moved off.


The other thing to ask without sounding rude, is what is the value of the van? If it is high value then insurance is a must, but as many people who leave their vans down there have had them for a long time so the value is much less and many just do not bother. They feel they have had the time and value and anything else is a bonus.


The last thing to ask is as you bought the van in Spain, is it registered there? Does it have a red number plate on the back? If so, you may be able to arrange insurance through a Spanish Company, ask the site for advice.

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