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Best Type of Alarm


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I may be wrong, but I don't think "speaking alarm systems" are legal anymore.


I came across one in a pub car park about 20 years ago but never encountered one since. I can't imagine you'd be very popular if it went off on a campsite or Aire B-)

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The major cost of any alarm system is in the work involved in the installation.


A good installation will involve hard-wiring from the black box to each door and locker sensor. Some alarm systems use wireless technology to transmit a signal from sensor to black box - this avoids hard-wiring but are not recommended.


Van Bitz in Taunton, Somerset have a very good reputation and after sales service (10% discount if you subscribe to MH Fun forum).


I have a Cobra system with internal sensors which has worked well. It's not as sophisticated as the Van Bitz Strikeback system (which I had on my previous van) but you pays your money etc ......


If you advised your location there may be contributors who could recommend an installer in your area.

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