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Half-way sorted!


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Thanks to Forum members, we're halfway sorted for our two weeks in Normandy (without too much driving)

We'll be heading east from Cherbourg, and taking our time stopping at various overnights as far as Honfleur.

That bit is sorted, so here's the next question......we'd like to head across then to Mont Saint Michel and slowly drift back up to Cherbourg for the return trip.

Any tips for interesting POIs on the road between Honfleur and Mont Saint Michel, and then on the way back up to Cherbourg ?)

Thanks in advance!

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Caen has a lot of history (and a Park and Ride off the ring-road)




and there’s Bayeux to the north of course.


Villedieu-les-Poêles (bells, copperwork, lace) just off the A84 might be worth a detour




Avranches for its gardens




Then - going north towards Cherbourg - Granville








and the D-Day beaches


Barfleur, perhaps




and Cité de la Mer at Cherbourg




It really depends on what your interests are. For example, I think Le Mont Saint-Michel viewed from a distance is (on a good-weather day) a fine and impressive sight, but I’d just as soon put my hand in a rat-trap as visit it.

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