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Insurance risk


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If you mean the Neum corridor, to both questions, yes. What did you want to know?


I was later told that the Caravan Club can cover Bosnia, but for a restricted period only. Have you checked with them?


An alternative is the ferry from Ploce to Trpanj, which obviates the need to traverse the Neum corridor.

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thebishbus - 2016-09-12 9:44 PM


I know the if 's buts and maybees, but has anyone taken the risk or had insurance problems crossing the 10 k gap in Croatia above Dubrovnik ? Brian. B.


Not sure what you mean by "taken the risk" because without green card you won't get through....simple as that.


I'm insured with Scenic and they provide green card cover for most countries. There is no extra charge either though some companies will charge for it.

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