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Thetford Cassette Cleaner


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Just picked up three bottles of the cleaner ,I know it says its for the Toilet Cassette but wondered if you could use it for the Grey water holding tank .At the moment my indicators quickly shows full but I know its not so want to give it a good clean out .

Is this stuff to strong for the sensors ...although i dont know what kind of sensor is fitted ...as I dont what to dissolve any parts that may be in the tank.

Your thoughts would be appreciated


Brian K

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In all my years of motorhome ownership I have never paid the silly prices that Thetford and their ilk ask for these common chemicals, and I have found cheap bleach with or without an equally cheap 'Flash' type liqid from the likes of Lidl just as effective.


It is important to understand that the tank contents guages can be wildly inaccurate and at best can be misleading and at worst downright misleading.


I would add about a two pints of bleach plus a good slurp of Flash liquid to the tank, fill it about one third to half full, then drive around for a few miles on twisty roads to slurp it all about before quickly letting it all out somewhere pre planned and appropriate for gunge and before it has a chance to settle to the bottom of the tank.


Do this a couple of times and when the tank waste runs clear you know you are getting there, ending with a good rinse out with just plain water to remove any harmful chemicals.


I doubt any chemical will harm the tank or contents if you don't leave it in there too long.

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BKen1 - 2016-09-14 7:20 PM

I managed to get these 3 bottles for 5€ at boot sale so thought I see if they may do the job.


Ah - a man after my own heart - well done!


We did once buy an older van with a heavily limescaled toilet cassette but alternate white vinegar and citric acid soakings and rinsings soon shifted that and it came up like new - it also greatly improved the way the malodourous wee beastie worked and smelt!

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