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SCHAUDT Electrobloc protection?


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We have recently bought a new Adria SLX. It is fitted with a SCHAUDT Electrobloc EBL 208 S G and an LT 50 Control Panel again by SCHAUDT.

Over previous years there has been much talk of the Electrobloc unit being susceptible to power surges and to the questionable effectiveness of the protection device marketed by the company.

I was wondering what the current (excuse the pun) thinking is? Is the Schaudt protectoion device effective? Is there a better alternative? Or are the Electroblocs now not as susceptible to mains fluctuations as they once were?

Cattwg :-D

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Not quite sure what answer you are looking for. Schaudt have been supplying distribution units for many years and as far as I know are as good, or bad, as anyone else in the market depending on your luck of the draw. Yours is a new model and probably there is not a lot of feedback as yet on how good it is but I assume it is under warranty so if misfortune strikes, it will be fixed.


Mind you I am always a bit suspicious of things that have lots of computerised bits in them as they seem to be the thing that always fails.

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The Schaudt Elektroblock range has exactly the same Power surge/Spike protection as any other unit we repair. Very rarely does it suffer from Mains related issues.


The old forum posts were misguided, and if you trace the source back, the posts were from people guessing there was a wider issue, primarily because two or three had been experienced. Yet we have seen only a handful of Mains power issues in nearly 5 years.

The miscommunication was then compounded by a 'Dealer' who stated that the EBL's suffered from mains spikes, etc. and he had the answer in the form of the Schaudt Over Voltage Protector, OVP 01.

I think he sold quite a few?


However the OVP 01 is a fairly slow acting unit designed to protect the EBL from Over or under voltage, such as the slowing rising/falling voltage of a Generator with an issue. Hence the 'name' OVP, Over Voltage Protector, rather than Spike Surge Protector which would have been a more natural name if it ever did what the Forum posters claimed.

Because it is 'slow' acting, an OVP 01 won't react fast enough to trap Spikes/Surges which will still get through to the EBL. The OVP 01 will not protect the EBL from an inappropriate generator, which must be one suitable for electronic equipment.


More here, including a copy of the Schaudt technical document : http://www.aandncaravanservices.co.uk/schaudt-ovp01.php


Your EBL 208 has been around since 2008 and has proved to be a very reliable unit, provided the battery is not past it.







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