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M/H Timing Belt Change


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We have an X290 - Euro 5 130 Multijet - Worked out that it has a cam belt and that this belt needs changing at 120,000 miles or 5 years (4 years of heavy use). I suspect that our M/H will have nowhere near that mileage on it when we reach that time, so it will be done on age not mileage. - Probably at 4 years given the hard life M/H's generally lead.


I must admit I hate Cam Belts, - much prefer cam chains although recognising that they can have their issues as well.


A couple of cars that I have had - the job to change the belts has been huge, almost engine out type work, I have had the Water pump or anything else driven by the belt changed at the same time.


What is this job like on the van? - Is it a huge task with a massive bill or something that's fairly simple and straightforward.

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This 2013 forum thread




discussed changing a timing-belt on a 2008 Ducato with 2.3litre motor.


It’s likely that changing the timing-belt on a Ducato X290 will be much the same as far as the work involved is concerned, but no doubt Nick Fisher could say if that’s the case.

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