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Autotrail front windscreen blind


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I have a 2005 Autotrail Cheyenne and need to replace the front windscreen concertina blind.

Does anyone know where I can obtain a replacement or buy a new one complete?

I think this was a standard fitment to Cheyenne ,Apache and other Autotrail models until the facelift 2007 models.

Anyone got a good 2nd hand one?

Any help greatfully received.


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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Roger.


It’s likely (as lennyhb has said) that the concertina windscreen blind fitted to a 2005 Auto-Trail motorhome would have been made by REMIS, though similar Seitz-made blinds were also marketed.


It would appear from the REMIS website that the original one-piece “RemiFront” blind that I think your motorhome has is no longer available and this seems to be confirmed by the comment here:




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That makes a lot of sense Derek. With the "one piece" horizontal blinds there was a problem (2006/7 from memory) with mould growth on the pleats. Shortly after a number of threads on here & other sites, the side to side vertical pleat versions were introduced.



Condensation formed overnight in the horizontal pleats & just sat there when the blind was opened (pleats closed) & trapped any moisture. An ideal scenario for mould to form, especially as any spores in the air would be directed on to the blind via the windscreen vents.

With the current side mounted blinds any moisture is able to drain down, hence reducing the possibility of mould growth.

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There was certainly a problem with Remis concertina blinds that was initially diagnosed as ‘mould growth’.


This would have been in the 2005-2006 period and related to blinds fitted to motorhome cab, habitation-area and rooflight windows. All except one of my 2005 Hobby motorhome’s Remis blinds were affected, with the blinds’ material gradually discolouring. The only blind unaffected clearly had a different design and used a different material to the rest.


Remis explained that the discolouration problem was not due to ‘mould’ but that the blind-material itself was the culprit, with a metallic interlayer leaching through the blind’s outer surface. Motorhome owners who complained had their blinds replaced under warranty. This 2006 forum thread refers:




The Remis windscreen concertina blinds on my Hobby were two-piece vertical ones and they discoloured just as quickly as the horizontal window blinds. Eventually all (except the different one) of the Hobby’s blinds discoloured all over to a ‘mottled’ appearance that I quite liked and I never bothered to have them replaced.


(I’m doubtful that Remis replaced the one-piece horizontal windscreen blind with two-piece vertical blinds to guard against ‘mould’. It’s more likely that the two-piece arrangement was introduced because it’s more versatile, a lot neater and much less sag-prone.)

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