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Ouistreham/Caen – Hérouvillette motorhome aire

Derek Uzzell

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It might be worth mentioning that the motorhome aire at Hérouvillette (about 9km from the ferry-port at Ouistreham) had parking restrictions imposed on it last year.


The present position is that motorhomes have just 8 authorised parking places there - the original 4 grass-surfaced ‘pitches’ separated by low hedges and 4 large unrestricted marked spaces on the car-park itself. All of the other marked spaces on the car-park carry 120€ penalty-notices banning parking of “camping cars”. There is also a maximum stay-duration of 48 hours.


I’ve read that this type of notice is actually unenforceable in France because “camping car” is not included in the French Highway Code’s list of vehicle type-definitions, nor are the ‘pictorial’ restricting notices themselves legally acceptable, but when we’ve passed by the Hérouvillette aire only the 8 spaces without the penalty-notices have been in use.


The service-pedestal has also been replaced and free replenishment of freshwater is no longer available. Free waste-emptying is still possible but freshwater (10 minutes worth) requires a €2 jeton.


Nothing to do with the Hérouvillette aire, but for anyone with a need for retail therapy a brand-new E.Leclerc opened in August 2016 at Blainville-sur-Orne about 7km from Ouistreham just off the dual-carriageway leading to Caen



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