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Making music in a motorhome


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When we packed everything we needed for fulltiming into our motorhome I had to physically restrain the other half from packing his electric guitar, effects unit, amplifier and speakers - it nearly brought to an end 33 years of marriage, but it did leave room for packing other 'essenials' such as clothes, pots & pans and my sewing machine (yes, that IS an essential ;-)


But - poor thing, he has been missing his guitar.


Now, bearing in mind that motorhoming frequently calls for 'downsizing' whenever possible (small kettle & toaster, fewer clothes, paperbacks rather than hard-backed books etc) we have now solved the problem without having to resort to getting an harmonica. He has just bought himself a mandolin and as I write this he is happily plinky-plunking away on this little stringed beauty.


Does anyone else have an instrument on board?



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