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Stopover Santander to Mazarron


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Hello you clever people!

I have spent a while looking for a site that is either open or secure, on the journey down.

We land in Santander about 2 ish, so would like to get 5/6 hours of driving under way before we stop.

Do not really want to go near Madrid, as we experienced that in rush hour, earlier this year, and it was a NIGHTMARE!!!,, any thoughts on where might be good? Preferably with electric hook up. Thanks so much all help much appreciated.

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Very difficult to avoid Madrid. without going Miles out of your way. We used camp-sites near Burgos (Camping Fuente Blancas?) on a Couple of occasions 2006 to 2008. (not been to Spain since since) Very nice Stopover (Camping internazional Aranjuaz) (The old Spanish summer capital). The last time we "did" the Madrid Transit was on a Sunday Morning. Not too bad, as most of the Spanish are at Mass!.


IF you do not mind "Wildcamping" there is a BIG truck stop on the Toll Free part of the AP36 North of Tarancon which we used a couple of times. Was well lit all night, we parked under the Lights with the alarm set.



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It really does depend on what route you want to take and how soon you want to get down south. The last few times we have headed to / from the ACSI site at Haro where there is ample opportunity to stock up on Rioja! We have also stopped at Burgos and Riaza, 50 miles north of Madrid but with possibility of snow.


Earlier this year we had a first stop at El Escorial north west of Madrid, another ACSI site and also on the western side of Madrid we have stopped at Toledo, not an ACSI site but very good. There is a back road from Escorial to Toledo which obviates the need to go through Madrid, which I agree is like the Route Perephique in Paris. This back road can also be used to by pass Madrid to access Aranjuez, south east of Madrid, which is our preferred stop over- a super site.


Finally there is one other Acsi site we have stayed north of Madrid in a national park which is a great site wityh a super bar and restaurant but for the life of me I cannot remeber where it is or what it is called!!


We will be heading for Aranjuez again this year.

Have a good trip



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