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Motorhome Tax??

Keith T

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The VCA has databases that carry details of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for vans, but it should be obvious that there may be significant differences between the figures provided by, say, Fiat for a particular model of Ducato ‘white van’ when factory-tested and the figures a completed motorhome panel-van conversion would produce if similarly tested. And there are bound to be data differences after a bare chassis (or just a cab/cowl unit) has been finally converted into a coachbuilt motorhome.


The UK’s graduated VED system works OK with cars that are constructed in a single stage and are sold without being altered, but multi-stage construction vehicles like motorhomes sit uncomfortably within the UK’s VED graduated system that is based on CO2 figures and aimed primarily at cars.


It’s really up to the UK motorhome industry to make sure that any VED scheme changes suggested by the DVLA are transparent and that motorhome dealerships and buyers understand them. Historically, it seems that the DLA has incorrectly registered 'over-3500kg’ motorhomes in a CO2-based VED category, and that (at least one) UK motorhome converter would appear to have caused a motorhome to be registered in an (expensive) CO2-based VED category unnecessarily.



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A follow-up to my posting of 31 October 2016 8:00 AM above where I said that I’d seek clarification from the DVLA regarding the VED changes that will be introduced with effect from 1 April 2017.


The DVLA have confirmed that "Only cars are impacted by these changes and it will not impact vehicles weighing over 3,500kg.”


I’ve suggested to the person in the DVLA who provided that information that this significant fact should be more widely advertised as, although few ‘cars’ will have a gross vehicle weight (GVW) exceeding 3500kg, many type approved M1SP vehicles (eg. motor caravans) have a GVW well in excess of 3500kg.


To summarise then...


From 1 April 2017, if your new type approved motorhome DOES NOT have a CO2 value on its ‘final’ Certificate of Conformity (CofC) it should be UK-registered in the PLG tax category provided that the vehicle’s GVW DOES NOT EXCEED 3500kg. The vehicle’s list-price will not be taken into account.


If your new motorhome’s GVW EXCEEDS 3500kg, it should be UK-registered in the P/HGV tax category irrespective of whether or not its final CofC carries a CO2 value and/or its list-price exceeds £40k.


if your new motorhome DOES have a CO2 value on its ‘final’ Certificate of Conformity (CofC) and the vehicle’s GVW DOES NOT EXCEED 3500kg, the new regulations should apply to it. The vehicle should be UK-registered in the appropriate graduated tax category and the cost will be based on the CO2 value. The vehicle’s list-price will also be taken into account.

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