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Windscreen protection strips


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I spoke to PSV Glass at the Lincolnshire Motorhome Show about having a strip of tape along the bottom edge of my A-class windscreen to reduce the risk of chips in the bottom 2" as such chips usually mean a replacement windscreen.


PSV can cut me a strip based on that provided to National Express coaches. The strip could be cut by PSV in such a way to go around the three wiper system I have but the strip cannot be so wide as to interfere with the wipers.


The filming service with the large coach operators has seen mixed results but PSV remain satisfied that it offers protection for stone chips.


I'm tempted as I believe it is only a matter of time before I have another low level chip. I'm convinced the frontal seeing of my Hymer is likely to result in such chips although PSV believe the chips may occur from stones deflected off the wipers.


Let us know any thoughts or experience you've had of such a windscreen film?

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