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Baltic States?

Charles Chodkowski

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Hi Charles,


We did a grand tour in 2010 taking in the Scandinavian countries and then across the Baltic to Tallinn Estonia. ( we arrived a day early in Helsinki for the ferry we had booked, but managed to get on an earlier ferry and to our amazement actually got a rebate, try that on P & O.) After leaving the port it was just a short trip to a temporary campsite that is set up for the summer months. We were there 29 the June. The campsite is across the road from the coast and is called Tallinn City camping. it is a short walk from Tallinn city centre which is flat and level. The town is very picturesque with medieval buildings. Alongside the footpath to the town is a cycle way where it is shared with people on inliners, roller boots and skate boarders. The Estonians are big on exercise.

At the time we went there was no sat nav coverage so it was travel by a map ( so retro eh). Only got lost once and it was only the direction of the sun that convinced me I was going the wrong way.lol. The main roads were very good but there were roads that were dirt roads, which was not a problem as they are very firm. As I say we did it in 2010 things may have changed. We followed the coast down to Riga in Latvia, there were plenty of places to overnight, never felt threatened, in fact the people are very friendly.

In Riga it was again a temporary site for the summer, called again City camping. Prices were on a par with UK and the currency was the Euro.

Due to time constraints we had to miss out on Lithuania.

We would def go back they are beautiful countries.



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