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what data there is in their data bases now and if the sale of these units is basicaly a con ?


Quote from the Times;


""For the first time, Ordnance Survey will produce a definitive database for sat-nav manufacturers that contains information on road widths, bridge heights, weight restrictions and bans on left or right turns at junctions. The system, to be introduced next month, will also draw on data from councils to warn drivers about speed restrictions, roadworks and cycle…""






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Yes I read the article in the Times but got the impression that the data they refer to is about restrictions rather than general data on the road width. So as I understand it they will mark roads with say 6ft 6ins restrictions or length restrictions or HGV bans etc., but won't have actual road widths, apart from showing single track roads with passing places.


So I await to see what the new mapping will actually do


cheers alan


PS I had a quick trawl for the OS press release but cant find it might have a proper look later

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