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One for Olly - Tyre Pressures


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VoH here Olly,

We have Bridgestone M716 Tyres fitted on the rear 9.5R17.5 LT twins with a pressure of 110 psi

The fronts are Fulda Ecostar same size but the tyres says consult owners manual. The Chassis is MAN but the coach work is Niesmann and neither can say what the pressure should be.


What pressure do you run your front tyres at? We are 7.49t gross with max front axle load of 3.2t


Also many garage forecourts only go to 50 psi on their compressors do you have a problem getting sufficient air pressure?


Rgds VoH


ps this is not specifically for Olly, anyone who has truck tyres is more than welcome to comment

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Hi voh mine are 245/70 19.5" I run the fronts at 90 and rear duals at 80. no trouble with air as I have a small industrial compressor. (goes to 150)


I did buy a 12v one to keep in the van but its useless, if the garage supplies the air from the workshop compressor your ok. otherwise they do tend to be a bit slow :-)


I go 20700lb gvw 7500lb front 13500lb rear



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