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The 12v electrics in our motorhome blew recently whilst in France. We had been having trouble with the 12v fuse for the fridge, which I thought was due to a loose fitting fuse. A "fridge engineer" tried to fix it, but in the process blew all the 12v system. I think he pulled a long, 4 prong fuse holder out without first turning off the battery isolator switch in the Electrobloc unit beneath the passenger seat.


Our nearest Hymer dealer may be able to fix it, but it means a few journeys to his workshop, not too close to us. An auto-electrician may be able to fix cars, but they don't seem to have the technical knowledge to fix motorhome 12v systems.


Anyone know of a possible source for fixing this in the South Yorkshire area? There is Lowdhams in Nottingham, and 77 Motors in Worksop.



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Hello, exactly the work we specialise in. We not only repair the Elektroblock units but understand how they are installed in a Motorhome. That is we repair most Charger/Power controller electronics, which no other Motorhome repairer in the UK does.

Hence the detailed knowledge that is greater than most Dealers.


Just ask Andy Mattock who came to us in North Wales just 7 days ago from the Somerset area.

He made a visit to us after his local Dealer had fitted a new Fridge controller plus assorted other work and charged him nearly £1,000, even though the Fridge still didn't work on 12v.


Dealer then blamed the Schaudt Elektroock EBL 29 and wanted another £500+.


Andy then came to us and we quickly diagnosed the EBL 29 as in perfect health but was suffering a poor feed from the Starter battery.

We resolved the poor connection issue, and Fridge 12v working was restored.


The old 'faulty' Fridge controller that has been replaced by the Somerset Dealer, was also in perfect health.


Had he come to us in the first instance he would have saved £900 +.




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Aandncaravans seem to have gone bust? MMM forums in July. Who is this post from - if is aandncaravans could they please confirm and let me have contact details? I think I've sent them a contact email, but I'm not too sure.


Thank you.

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Hello, Yes we did take a rest for most of the Summer weeks but the demand has been such that we have restarted without a big workshop, just working a few days a week as a Mobile outfit.

I am currently enjoying how it is going so think this might become our future business model.


As most of our work is from outside our area, like the Taunton and Kent visitors last week and the Glasgow and Sheffield visitors next week, we work out of 2 Caravan sites nearby that allow us to work from them.


If a customer wants us to work on their vehicle, the customer books a break in North Wales (just voted 4th best destination in the World!!!) and we come out to them while they are on holiday here.



If you go to the 'North Wales' page, http://www.aandncaravanservices.co.uk/north-wales.php

it outlines the process, then use the email address above if you wish to progress it further.




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