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Waste tank cleaning


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Hi, I have looked on the forum, but cannot find any advice.

It is now time to possibly put my 18 month old Autotrail to bed for a hopefully short winter. Please could you advise how to "disinfectant " the water and waste tanks, with the associated pipe work etc.

The waste water now smells dreadfull, when discharging.



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For the grey tank we always use a "dollop" of supermarket liquid biological washing machine liquid. Driving around helps to swill it around.

Some use it for the black tank but we have never tried this.

For the fresh water tank there are a number of products available but you need to be wary of products that can attack stainless steel in hot water tanks etc. Easiest answer is to use the van all year as we do!

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Does any one, actualy drink COLA , any more??


Recommended for cleaning waste tanks?? makes you wonder what it does to you, if you drink it, does't it?


Having seen what it does to the concrete floor , below the bottling line in a drinks factory, have never drunk it since. Don't like the taste any way


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