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Fiat Cab Temperature Control


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I have a problem with my Fiat cab heating temperature control knob which I wondered if anyone had experienced a problem with before ? The temperature knob only turns by 90 º instead of 180º from mid heat to hot . I have attempted to force it but may have done damage in the process. My local motorhome dealer thought it might be the cable kinking but apparently not. The cold vent will fully open but the hot only partially. Not best time of year to have no heating !!

They are saying that the whole heater control will have to be replaced which means most of the dashboard has to be removed entailing 8 plus hours labour and a bill in the region of £ 600 !

I just wondered if anyone else had found this fault on their heater unit ? The van is a 2013 model Frankia on a Fiat base

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It's not uncommon. It is sometimes the heater slider in the heater box is stuck but more often than not, the extra force you have to apply to the control breaks that as well.

It might be worth getting in touch with Fiat Customer Relations because your vehicle is not that far out of warranty and sometimes they help with costs like this.


We have always opted for climate control rather than standard air con or no air con at all and this has been vindicated by some of the repairs we have had to carry out on customer vehicles with controls like yours. The Climate control does away with the cable operation and uses servos instead and they are much more reliable. Never had a fault with any of those.

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