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Snooper And Aguire Sat Navs.

Frank McAuley

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My present Snooper Ventura S7000 is , after long and faithful service, in need of a rest so I have been considering replacing it with another Snooper when I noticed the AGURI RV700 DVR in the Dec MMM,page 119.
Initially I thought it was a Snooper but obviously not so does anybody have any knowledge/experience of this system as it appears good value?
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hi, I have one of the early snooper ventura, having previous experience only of small garmin quest.


subsequently i have experience of tomtom start 25 with map updates to european mapping. I have just recently disposed of this as there was a problem with the addon storeage card.


tomtom was limited to 3 intermediat stops on a journey, and adding own poi was possible but long winded


Adding your own poi to snooper is not possible and can only be done via snooper themselves


route planning on snooper if you wish to use multidrop roueting is possible but a roundabout method of inserting the relevant stops/ I don like it but it works.


I also have setup copilot on my tablet with european maps and a suplementary audio amp to boost the voice directions. it seems to do what it says on the tin. One advantage is that after setting up a route , you can vary it by dragging the route on screen to an alternative if you wish., this is not available on Snooper


as Snooper seems to have been overtaken by aguri, I wonder if snooper still support it themselves

poi updating is very slow by snooper themselves and seem to rely on getting updates fron cortributers, rather than from official sources.


I spoke to a man selling Aguri at romsey show recently, and asked him whether he could tell me what the file format was and how to create a personal file for poi. h e did not give me any response , simply tried to press me in to making a purchase.




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Why ? Does most Sat-Navs latest versions of software always seem to be less ffriendly than the issue before ? Not able to enter POI s ! What are they thinking of ! I was doing that 10 years ago.


I have 2 Tom Toms, a one new version,(for the car) and a 1005 Camper version, (for the campervan) both getting long in the tooth, but the latest versions are so unfriendly that I will not buy them. What are they up to ?

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