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Rimor SuperBrig Power distribution/Control issues.


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Had an email today typical of Rimor ownership where the Arsilicii electronics are installed.


The email lists quite a few common issues, we don't normally see so many problems all in one vehicle.

Therefore I thought it might help others to see the issues and our reply documenting what goes wrong, how it should work and the remedy.

Obviously it is high level, not detailed technically, but enough info for an experienced Electrics man to sort things out if someone else has issues.


The Arsilicii electronics are very good, but based on a distributed Fuse-Less design where power distribution is controlled at various points by remote distribution units and data signals sent around the system on a separate data bus.

It is very sophisticated and reliable, and surprisingly simple once you understand it.

However, because it is so different to the normal British style charger/power systems, fixes are often not quite carried out as the manufacturer intended.


Tom writes :

"This Rimor 678 only had one owner from new so I thought it should be a good one and with no time to spare bought it. The van is fine.


The electrics are a different matter altogether. They are a nightmare.

The van is a Rimor Superbrig 678 on a Ford Transit base with the 2.4 diesel engine. It was registered in 2006.

The electrics are all Arsilicii with electronic boxes all over the place.


There is one Marine Energy 110ah liesure battery and one starter battery ( not sure what size ).

Next to the main starter battery there is one grey wire cut off going into the loom.


The main display/control panel is over the door and is the Arsilicii SRI. It is the oblong type with 4 buttons down the right hand side with a selector wheel at the bottom of them. The top button P1 is the on off main switch that works fine. The second button P2 is for the lights and that also works fine. The next button P3 is for the pump but that one does not light the light next to it but the pump always works as long as the top P1 switch is on. The last button P4 is an auxiliary button that does not work or at least is does not light the little green light next to it up like the top two do.


Behind that panel inside the wall is another box connected by a ribbon cable. I know this has been messed with because instead of the lid being held on by screws it has been taped back on and a TV areal has been connected to it by someone. There are other cables going to and from this box.


In an outside locker is the battery compartment with the main power unit. This is the Arsilicii AL310 fuseless switching motorhome power/charger unit. I think this may have been replaced new has there is a date on it marked 2012. I also think this has been messed with by mechanics or an auto electrician because the guy I bought it off had a mate who was a mechanic who looked after the van for him from new.


I also had to do a bit of a bodge up when I lost all the van electrics.

One of the main wires on the leisure battery socket had burnt away so I had to do a bodge with spade connectors which are still on. I have a feeling most ot the problems are from this box.

There is a small solar panel on the roof fitted by the dealer which went via the display controller into the connections on the power unit. I do not think it should have gone through the display but direct into the power unit. Being unsure I took it off the power unit and put it direct to the batteries keeping the controller on so it is independent of the power unit at the moment.


Next to that box is a small unit that looks like its been tampered with too. It is called Terra POWER HUB 300S2H PU.


There is also a small type of relay panel near the pump which I think is OK. I have to take the spade connection off the pump itself to stop the pump running continuously when there is no water in the tanks.


My problems do not stop there, unfortunately. Since my last outing in the van the Truma central heating has stopped working. I am hoping this is something I can sort out before it gets to yourself has there is no power to the selector switch so hoping it is just a local fuse or something.


Well thanks for looking into this for me, it is very much appreciated. If you need anything do not hesitate to ask".




We wrote back :



"Hello Tom, When you operate the Display device, it sends signals on a data bus, vaguely like a Car Canbus system, to the main AL320 power unit and to the 'Power hubs' (like your POWER HUB 300S2H PU Terra ) which actually control the equipment.


There are three primary power distribution units which can be located anywhere around the vehicle, but usually close to the appliances/devices they control :

A Lower level unit, Terra, as in Terra firma or Ground.

A Upper Hub, Ceilo, as in Ceiling.

A Water Hub for Pump and Fluid Levels.



First off, I am guessing the Water pump controller/hub has failed (usually a white Box NSA 01 which also provides Water Level Info to the AL310?) and someone has wired the pump direct from the nearest circuit, hence no control from the Display unless you turn off the 'Lights power' button?.

Just a guess, but based on having seen this quite a few times!!


It is likely the Powerhub that distributes power to the Ground Floor (the Terra hub) is failing or has failed, hence the loss of power to the lights and now Truma. This is also a common issue, usually after electrics have been 'added' without understanding the way it works.


The AL310 (10 amp charger) was made obsolete and replaced about 10 years ago by the more powerful AL320 (20 amp charger) so the '2012 date' is probably a repair date, not replacement?


That the Display/controller is mostly working indicates that the Ceilo Powerhub is good.


I agree that some issues will most likely be in the AL310 itself.


The Solar Panel should not have been wired via the display/controller. There is a 2 pin socket on the front of the AL310 charger which takes a Solar panel direct. The AL310/AL320 doesn't need a separate Solar Regulator as it has one built in. But the way yours is wired is typical. Not seen one yet wired correctly. We can wire this correctly so the Voltage/current from the Solar panel shows on the Arsilicii Display.



Fixing these faults is not difficult or time consuming.

However, tracing what bodges have been done and undoing those so it works as designed can be very time consuming. Therefore expensive.


If we took it on it could mean we need the vehicle for 3 days (you can stay in the van while we do the work) which would be available for habitation, hopefully with more things working, at the end of each day.


Have a think and let us know".





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